Thesis Seminar: Recap for Weeks 1 and 2


In this episode, I recap the main points from weeks one and two.

Essential Question

How can I determine a researchable topic for Thesis Seminar considering a problem that I can relate to as either a student and/or teacher, considering the current literature, and considering possible participants who would be willing and able to participate in my study this spring semester, 2021?

Educational Context

Thesis Seminar

Point #1: Educational Technologies

Point #2: Narrowing down a researchable topic (week 1)

Point #3: Drafting your literature review (week 2)

  • [ ] Narrow down your thesis statement: TOPIC + CLAIM + list of REASONS (answering “why”) or WAYS (answering “how”).
  • [ ] Align two-four reasons or ways with your two-four main sections (level II headings) of your literature review.
  • [ ] Move/edit/create/modify your text within your main sections of your literature review working towards the deadline of March 5, 2021.

Point #3: Strategies

  • 15-20 hours per week
  • Thesis Seminar Roster Page (private)
  • Sections of a Thesis Manuscript
  • Sharing a Word document and Research topic Excel spreadsheet
  • Check out the Searching for a topic section in Narrowing Down a Topic for tips in finding articles online.
  • Watch your classmates’ tutoring sessions (playlist in Teams) to gain perspective.
  • What should I be working on at this point?


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