Sections of a Thesis Manuscript

Thesis Manuscript Checklist As you begin the semester, copy-and-paste the checklist below to your personal page in . As you complete your thesis paper throughout the semester, 1) leave comments (notes) regarding questions or concerns about the section and then 2) check off each item as you complete it. [ ] Title page (Unit III)Continue reading “Sections of a Thesis Manuscript”

How to Triangulate Data Sources

Summary In this episode, I discuss triangulation when doing qualitative research. Newsletter: How to Triangulate Data Sources – Benjamin L. Stewart (  — Send in a voice message: Adding Validity to Qualitative Studies For those who are taking Thesis Seminar, the topic today relates to triangulating your data sources. Triangulation applies to qualitative and mixed-method studies andContinue reading “How to Triangulate Data Sources”

Assessing Literature Reviews

Summary In this episode, I discuss three ways I assess literature reviews: comments posted to a Word document linking to pages in, Grammarly, and a (provisional) grade. Newsletter: Assessing Literature Reviews – Benjamin L. Stewart (  — Send in a voice message: For those taking Thesis Seminar, I have completed feedback for yourContinue reading “Assessing Literature Reviews”

Thesis Seminar: M.E.A.L. Plan (paragraph development)

Summary In this episode, I discuss paragraph development using the acronym, M.E.A.L. (plan). Paragraph Types When writing a thesis paper, there are three different types of paragraphs to consider: an Introductory Paragraph, a body paragraph, a Transitional Paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph. When writing a typical five-paragraph essay, the same types of paragraphs apply exceptContinue reading “Thesis Seminar: M.E.A.L. Plan (paragraph development)”

Thesis Seminar: Literature Review and Research Alignment

Summary In this episode, I discuss moving from a literature review (theoretical framework) to the practicalities of conducting a study. Selecting a topic Selecting a topic (handout): Move from an everyday problem that you would like to investigate (stage 1) to defining a specific subject, perspective, and vantage point that defines your research topic (stage 2). TheContinue reading “Thesis Seminar: Literature Review and Research Alignment”

The Toulmin Method to Develop an Argument

Summary In this episode, I discuss the Toulmin Method for developing an argument (Thesis Seminar). How can I effectively present my argument? In order for your argument to be persuasive, it must use an organizational structure that the audience perceives as both logical and easy to parse. Three argumentative methods—the Toulmin Method, Rogerian Method, andContinue reading “The Toulmin Method to Develop an Argument”

Thesis Seminar: Using a Word Template for Completing a Thesis Paper (part 1)

Summary In this episode, I discuss the first half of a thesis seminar Word template used to help English language learning writers to develop a literature review. This template may be found at the Sections of a Thesis Manuscript page. Website: Attribution: Intro/Outro music: Benjamin Tissot (also known as Bensound) — Send in aContinue reading “Thesis Seminar: Using a Word Template for Completing a Thesis Paper (part 1)”