Professional Educator (#openflip)

Summary Key Points Openness: The use of technologies that foster open and transparent learning (as a teacher/teacher trainer) Backchannel: The value of the backchannel and the general idea of multitasking in the classroom (the value-added experience). Workload vs. Planning: The time commitment required to flipped learning. “Twice as much…” Time management. “Students feel overwhelmed…” Flexibility:Continue reading “Professional Educator (#openflip)”

A Content Taxonomy (#openflip)

Summary Question: Can we say that most online and semi-distance courses use a flipped learning methodology? since students work the content on their own. What makes them flipped or not flipped?#flippedClassroom #openflip (source) This question inspired today’s broadcast, specifically in terms of how students, “… work the content on their own”. #openflip Check out OpenFlipContinue reading “A Content Taxonomy (#openflip)”